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Batman has been injured, so Diana dons the Batsuit and becomes Bat-Wonder Woman


As Babs was playing a video game called "Batman Mighty Drivers", Diana shows up asking Barbara what is she doing. Barbara told her and ask if she wanted to play as herself, because they put the super hero girls in the game also. Diana is not much of a game person, but decide to watch Barbara. While heading home, Diana saw Eraser trying to rob someone. She try to get suit up, but Batman stop him. Eraser charged and injured Batman's knee.


  • April Winchell - Lady Clayface.
  • Keith Ferguson as Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Eraser.
  • Grey Griffin as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, and Baby Doll.
  • Charlie Schlatter - Clayface.
  • Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.