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Zatanna need’s to know where is her mother


This episode might be sad and heartwarming.


Year's ago, Sindella and Giovanni had a daughter name Zee. They had perfect life until Granny Goodness show up kidnapping women. Sindella had no choice, but to sacrifice herself to keep Giovanni Zatara and her daughter safe. Sindella turn her self in and let Granny Goodness take her. Giovanni looked at the memories of he and Sindella and look a baby Zee and promise to keep her away from any harm.

Years Later.

Female Furies are attacking and the super hero girls fight back. Stompa said to Zatanna "Sindella has the same skills you had when she escape!" Zatanna wanted information about Sindella because that's her mother's name. Stompa spelled the beans and told Zatanna that Sindella turned herself in and in Granny's orphanage she escape and that left Zatanna left speechless. In Sweet Justice, Zee wonders if what Stompa said was true. Barbara try to cheer up Zee by telling her that Babs mom has broken a lot of promise's. Never show up for Christmas and Birthday's. Babs teared up and Kara try to cheer her up. In her home Zee peak and hear her dad Giovanni speaking to someone through a portal. It was Dr.Fate telling him Sindella is coming someday.

Zee would not take any chances and gotten the team. Zee told them their going on a trip to Granny Goodness fortress. Zatanna wanted the team to help her find her mom and want to know her and meet her. So they head up Zee was leading the way. Green Lantern driving the jet and when in it. Zatanna's planning for how she will react meeting her mother, Diana, Kara, and Karen gave her advice. In the orphanage, Zatanna had a plan to get in. Wonder Woman and Supergirl take out the guard and Batgirl hack in the security cameras and make them glitch and not work. Bumblebee and Jessica would get Granny Goodness to tell them where Sindella is.

So far so good, the plan is working until they forgot about one thing,,,,,,,,, THE ALARM! The female furies and the team fight again. Zatanna demanded to Granny Goodness where is Sindella. Granny lied and told Zee a lie about Sindella never escape, she was put in the dungeon and died. Zatanna was shocked and in rage and try to beat Goodness to death. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Bumblebee try to separate them. Granny Goodness took advantege and knock out Zatanna with a candy bomb.

Zatanna woke up and see herself alone in the Granny Goodness orphanage entrance. Then she started to cry. She cry because what Granny Goodness said to her. Her mom is forever be gone and always will be gone. While crying, she heard footsteps, and saw a woman. Zatanna depress ask the woman what she wants and the woman says to see her daughter again. Before Zatanna respond to that the woman said Zatanna is her daughter and hugged her. Zatanna was in disbelief because she finally met her mother after all these years. The two hugged and cried in joy. Zatanna told her Giovanni misses her and has spend every birthday wish, every wishing star, wishing well, and every 5 seconds she will come back.

Sindella told her to go home, but Zatanna said her friends are in danger, and Sindella wanted to team up and help her daughter for the first time in her life. Granny Goodness is ready to turn the super hero girls into female furies. Mother and Daughter came to the rescue with help from Hawkman, and Hal Jordan. They fight the bad guys and the mother an daughter team fight Granny Goodness. Goodness had a candy bomb in her hand and threw it at Sindella, Zatanna will return the favor and did what her mother did, Sacrifice herself. Zatanna got hurt and Sindella was in horror. Sindella used her power and strength to destroy Goodness and send her falling to the lava. Sindella walk up to a hurt Zee laying on the ground. Sindella thinks she's dead then hugs her. Zee hugged her back realeaing she survived the bomb.

The two laugh at the troll Zatanna pulled. Zatanan introduce her mom to her friends and ask her for a favor. To Keep Their Superhero side secret. Sindella gasp knowing it's her first favor from her daughter. Then in The Zatara Residence. Giovanni told Zee she better have a good reason for being gone for the past day. Zee did and told Sindella to show herself. Giovanni was speechless and did not knew what to say and started to cry with happiness. He was teared up with joy and meeting the love of his life return and kissed and up each other. The Zatara family is reunited. Diana, Barbara, Carter, Jessica, Karen, and Hal stared to tear up except for Kara who try to fight it and Hal told him they know she wants to then Kara had a crying break down.


  • This is the first time Zatanna led
  • Sindella Zatara makes her debut in this episode.
  • Giovanni Zatara makes his return
  • First Time Kara cried with her friends