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Princess and the Prince is a romance epsiode


It's starts with the milltary acadmey were The general knows a fraud made with Steve Trevor so they let him go and inform metroplious high to Mr. Chapin. Mr. Chapin got the message were Babs, Jess, Kara, Zee and Karen made a fraud so he called their parents and are forced to pay a fine then suspended them and they got grounded.

Diana fall in love when she saw Steve upset then fall to her back in love. Julia finds out Diana is in love and decide to help her impress him. Selina gets in this and teach her flirting skills, be like a cat when they want something. Diana try to make his eyes stare at her eyes and purr like a cat to impress Steve but it's freaking him out, Julia made a peacock dress to dance impress him but Steve dance to, until Steve ask her for a date. Diana gotten ready until Mongul showed up and destroy the city. Diana becomes Wonder Woman and the team sneak out their houses and become heroes. Steve had the teleportation box to send Mongul back to space.

Wonder Woman and Steve worked together and Mongul is defeated. Diana tells Steve how she fells about him, Steve told Diana she should have told him and kissed her lip to lip. The 4 girls learned if someone loves somebody let them go for their love.



  • The title is a refrence of the song Love Story
  • The Military Academy knew about how Steve and kick him
  • This is Mongul’s debut


  • Grey Griffin - Wonder Woman
  • Vin Diesel - Mongul
  • Tara Strong - Batgirl
  • Mynra Velasco - Jessica
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Steve Trevor
  • Mallory Low - Supergirl