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The superhero girls and boys find size changing ring that can change and manipulate gravity to their will and a wheel transforming like rolling security and police robot go amok and destroy and attack cities around the world. The teams will need the meteors, sweet transforming hover boards, their powers and each other to save the planet from the robots and more


Part 1 the stars of the cosmos

One night a orange stone ring Falls from space and enters a signal tower and touches a robot with all the robots from the security company meteor Core awaken and destroy everything in their path One of the robots picked it up and put it in itself which ganged sentient and takes control of the others robots all over the world causing them to go berserk and attacking anyone who comes near them and destroying everything they see.

In metropolis the girls hear on the radio in Jessica’s van the robots from all over the world attacking anywhere with meteor core security tech. Dianna ask “is that the meteor that fell out of the sky last night” Barbara respond “ yes it is” she woke up the second she heard it and found it outside and tells the girls sometimes she wish she had powers of her own suddenly their attack by the robots as they try and escape they reach the rooftops but batgirl falls because of the top cracking but as she falls everything around her just stops and she finds a window broken and enters it and her response “no way I can control gravity with this ring and it can change size sweet” she then places it on her wrist and meet up with the others bumblebee gives each of them a suitcase which is really a transforming hover board as the leave and try to clear out as many robots as they can. After that they make it toThe lair and zee casts a spell that gives them new suits for their adventure and get ready to fly to hub city garden where they track a similar Energy output like batgirl’s meteor ring.

Meanwhile at the Babylon mountains the superhero boys find a stone mural and Hawkman enter a code in a rock to disable the trap and reveals a chalice with a green meteor ring green arrow takes the ring to observe,flash asks how catrter knew where the stone was he explained one of the stories from his mothers family past(who was from thanagar) looking at the night sky Aqualad sees a shooting star and makes a wish Hal,Steve,Jamie and berry ask he’s doing any told them if you wish before a shooting star disappears your wish will come true the four laugh at him and tell him tell him that’s ridiculous and as they wait to hear a response from arrow in hawkman they see they are also wishing on the star and worried they might have lost a chance at make a wish. Carter wishes for one happily ever after with Shiera and green arrow wishes for the talent to beat Zatanna at theater performance. See more stars (one is actually the meteor babs has land in metropolis) the others try and make a wish all of a sudden an earthquake bring down Boulders but the ring green arrow had stop the boulders from crushing them and find out it can change size so he puts it on his bow and they fly out of there.

At hub city dome garden the girl see robots in the sky green lantern say they might be looking for something but what then a mystery voice says “I might know” she attacked in shock but misses and the team sees it’s hawk girl. super girl asked why she’s here and she shows her a red stone meteor batgirls says “hey that’s just like mine” and wonders Where is she found it she told them she found out the beach two days ago it washed up a store and she noticed it looks like the ring her father wore when she was a princess in ancient Egypt when word got out robots attacking defenseless hub city she fly and helped evacuate everyone. All of sudden the robots leader showed up and demanded they hand over the rings. Bumblebee gave Sheira a spare hoverboard she had and rode and fight their way through the gardens. After they escaped wonder women said they have to stop the robot rampage she suggested to stop the production of the robots and head for the primary factory and they all rode to the factory.

On Green arrows Airship from his family company they examine it and see that the meteor can change gravitational polarities and they hear robots are attacking cities around the world. Blue beetle scanned green arrows ring and found their is a master ring that makes the other meteors come to each other he suggests they might need another one of the ring and ask what are they called ,Carter response “the stars of the cosmos”and he remembers shieras father had a blue one in Egypt but before they leaves green arrow gives them the Same suit case transforming hoverboards the girls have and ride off.just outside The pyramid where her father is buried all but Hawkman going because he refuses to stop putting her father‘s tomb as the six skate through the tomb they find shieras father sarcophagus they open it and find his mummified body with the ring in his cold bones hands blue beetle pulls it off but also one of his arms and the scream in disgust blue beetle buts it on his wrist and they leave the tomb, Steve quotes “well that went well” and Carter ask they didn’t break any thing in there why’ll they were in there they replied Nope (cause the only thing they broke was the sarcophagus). They see robots are everywhere and think of how to stop this Hal say meteor core is the one who made them maybe they know how to stop it the argreed and headed out.

Part 2 the stones of the divine Gaia cloud

Inside meteor cores top robot factory the girls hide in the shadows zee ask what are they looking for. Batgirl says something that’s unusual suddenly the alarm trips as the girls are about to fight the robots aren’t going for them, the robots are attacked by the superhero boy with green arrows and blue beetles stones. Hal greets the girls for it’s been a while, Aqua lad tells them they’re going to save the world first and settle the score from last time they competed , supergirl responded anytime. Hawk man says hi to hawk girl she replies it’s good to see him again but is still a little upset after leaving her at the restaurant for their date carter says it was a because of hath set she said fine but still has to make up for it which he is fine with. Bumblebee notices they have the same stones as they do but before she could ask were they got them more robots we’re about to ambush them and hovered away on their boards. In the prime computer room someone is trying to hack into the mother computer for meteor core the 2 teams brush into the room knocking him up into the air Steve ask “what went flying just now” which is revealed to be lex Luther who responds “do I look like a ball to you” batgirl ask him what he is doing here lex tells them he owns the company.

Supergirl suspects he’s the ring leader behind the robots rampage lex does not what she’s babbling about Wonder women ask why he made the company lex tells them he decided to expand his company and make lex Corp own every business on earth also after the Asteroid instant with the book of eternity no building ,business ,city, or government on earth wanted to use lex Corp security tech or robots so head head to make a new one. Batgirl tells them they can buy that he’s not involved he notices the meteorite around her wrist and asks where she. Hal suddenly jumps at him threatens for holding secrets, they make him tell them what he knows or crush him he reluctantly accepted. The informs the teams the scr robots are following a leader name scr4K and all active company and roboticly powered,monitored,and controlled by the the mother computer which has a yellow stone exactly like the ones they have (which he call power units) and they can not only change their size and control gravity but also turn certain forms of energy into other forms of energy which powers everything at and made by meteor core, but as of a few nights ago an orange one landed in one of meteor core and 4K placed it inside himself and took control of the robots and he’s ordered them to collect all the power units from around the world and destroy anything in their way. Zatanna asked what they want with stones lex comments “that even I don’t know” blue beetle states their drawn to one another Wonder Woman asked how he knows that cause his suit ran a diagnostic on his ring and found some programming and some history in them them asked for the red ring but hawk girl is gone nethier is hawkman lex finds them in the ocean facility of the coast and find the flying away from the robot leader.

hawk man and hawk girl try and ride and fly away from the robot but he stops them and he scans shiera and finds the red star of the cosmos but right when 4K try’s and grab it he exploded the teams catch up with them and Jessica asked what happened carter replies “I don’t know one second it was chasing us the nex it blew up once it got near shiera”. Batgirl wonders how it blew up super girl suggested it had a malfunction blue opens the robots power core, Hal see the ring and say “it’s just like the one we found in the Babylon mountains” zee was confused about what he said. Hawk explained they found the green meteorite.

Aqualad wonder if the robots will stop bumble bee states it’s not that simple if the power unit in the mother computer had the program inside then they won’t stop till they do so they have to remove it but first they have to find it. Carter and shiera remember writing that they studied when they were younger and he saw the mural at the Babylon mountains had writing below it wonder women then ordered they must go there at once but blue beetle told the girls that he needs to see what is programmed into the stones they’ll take the orange power unit to investigate Wonder Woman understand while the invinca bros head back to the air ship the super hero girls hawk man and hawk girl head to the mountains carter warns then get there wasn’t easy and no one but the super hero boys have made it out alive batgirl informs them that’s nothing new and tells them we’re off to our next adventure and they all fly away, but unaware to them scr 4K eyes are still glowing meaning he’s still alive.

After making it through the mountains the girls hawkman and hawk girl they arrive at the mural and chalice where the invinca bros found the green star of the cosmos wonder women look at it and says “The Divine Gaia Cloud” she tells them it’s the legendary earth cloud that the gods Road through the heavens and skies but when one of the gods learned that the cloud was not from earth he sank it into the ru bal Khalil desert. Hawkman sees the inscription and translates “the divine Gaia cloud ,loss their stones to the dark and fall to the ground, the stones become as stars, returning to the land we, the two surviving children of thanagar.” Shiera repeated thanagar that the sounded familiar then they remembered their parents (his mother and her father) home planet they said they’re parents came to earth on to pyramids they came from(one larger in with no top and the other normal sized). Bumblebee thinks the stones written are the stones the robots are after and the divine Gaia is the pyramids they spoke of could be a star ship. Just then lex Luther fly pod goes pass them along with green arrows air ship following him east. Supergirl tells carter to keep reading “we, the two surviving children of thanagar, seal one star here and and another fell in the great scar formed in heavens fall until the time of the divine Gaia cloud” Jessica question the great scar but carter tells them there’s more “the great scar, lying east among earth stained red By the dawns light” zee stated the boys and lex were heading east she suggests it were the meteor struck ground and were lex found the last stone and were the mother computer is but just as they are about to leave for Egypt Shiera finds one last sentence in the inscription” be warned never return all 6 stones to the center of the clouds or lightless black will attack once more” batgirl said it’s weird but they need to go now and promises they find out what it means later.

5 minutes before blue beetle and flash decode the orange and blue stars of the cosmos green what the say Jaime read it. “We have reached our discussion we must sever the engine units from our two combining vessel For if we delay the, the contraction of the engine’s core will lead the lightless black to consume everything” lex sneaking and seeing the blue and orange meteorites on the desk. Oliver asked what the lightless black is but neither of them know Steve suggested that they find the mother computer to shut down the robots everyone agrees and arrow thinks they can use the other two rings to find it but when he grabs them they’re gone. Lex snatched them and thanks them for with them he can make meteor core robots twice as power green asked the team to follow lex and drives the ship east.

Part 3 race through the vermilion tower and the black hole of meridian ABIS

Racing through the Sahara desert the girls and Hawkman meet up with the boys who’ve been eating for an hour. Super girls asked where lex is, blue beetle told them behind them in what people call the vermilion tower it is meteor cores signal tower commands sent out here relay through all their facilities all over the planet to run everything and control the robots(basically it meteor cores brain). Steve also told the girls and hawk man that he stole the blue and orange meteorites from them and ran into the tower. Wonder Woman wonders what he’s after Bumblebee thinks he probably going to use the stones power to issue an order to the robots from this tower to conquer everything, sooner or later he was planning on the robots attacking, which was he real reason for forming meteor core in the first place, batgirl knew he was planning world domination again and told everyone that they would stop him. Green arrow stops her and proposed to challenge her team she follows him and accepts the first member of either team to stop lex gets all the stars of the cosmos and keep the current title of best team of super hero teens on earth and the teams are off.

Lex is about to place the orange and blue stars in with the master unit but luckily batgirl and green arrow head in and not only get back the two stars back but also he knocked his head on the power core and releases the yellow star of the cosmos. Bumblebee asked if this is the master unit flash said yes and without any of the power units the robots are shutting down permanently, lex is furious that his plans to rule the world are ruined again shiera tells him even he can’t talk or blame them for what happened this time suddenly everything rumbles Hawkman thinks it’s a trap by lex but outside its really the thanagr pyramids Bumblebee says the resonance from all six units must have called them back to the surface and bring them here. Diana think until them figure out what is going on they should keep the rings away from the pyramids and keep them were there keeping the book of Eternity. Batgirl gives the blue star and hers to arrow who is confused cause they haven’t settled the score yet she told him after this she’s fine with another tie she’ll head back to metropolis to make sure that no criminals are running lose Bumblebee, green lantern H, flash, Zatanna, super girl, and Aqualad join her while Wonder women, green lantern J, Steve Trevor, Hawkman, blue beetle, hawk girl and green arrow put the stars of the cosmos in a case and get ready to take it away.

Bumblebee ask the group why Carter’s mom and Shieras father sealed the green power unit in the Babylon mountains they responded they have no idea bumblebee was figuring out two more things that don’t make sense, the lightless black that assaulted the divine Gaia cloud and how the robot leader chasing Shiera just exploded but figures out how it all added up. Suddenly SCR 4K broke into the control room looking for the meteors shoves Jessica and takes the case to the middle of the thanagar pyramids. Batgirl asks lex how it’s still fly but he doesn’t know but deducts that the rings are also generating a massive electro magnetic pulse that forcibly merged his and the units programmings in the robots buffer. Karen tells everyone that the thanagarinas weren’t able to control the power of those meteorites babs questions what she means she tells them she figured out how they can change gravitational polarity and respons “it’s a black hole” and everyone shouted what. She explained that the meteors amplify gravity to form black holes that was the lightless black that assaulted the Divine Gaia Cloud, everything starts to shack hard lex says the power units are resonating together with the robots forming a giant black hole and as they look at the pyramids coming a giant blast blow at them shattering the glass everything stopped in mid air and they see the pyramids turned into a giant nth metal ship called Astral Falcon and the black hole forms right around it creating a giant storm and sucking everything in it. Bumblebee states at the rate it’s going the whole planet will sucked into the black hole lex responses “the worlds doomed and I can’t stop it” and leaves, Steve asked blue beetle how they can all stop this he said the engine units in the engine room powers the Astral Falcon the open gap between the two pyramids and 4K merged with them if they can disconnect them and destroy the robot that should stop the black hole the girls and boys fly of to save the world.

As they arrive to the engine core they can breath and find SCR 4K has become Meridian ABIS after a few gravity dives in to him reconnects to the core one last time and stops them completely but the teams human whip batgirl in abis and she knocks the stars of the cosmos out of him and send him into the black hole just before it disappears, the space of the core starts to close and getting harder to breath but they get inside the ship just in time. Flash tells carter and Shiera that the pyramids are really one giant space ship they agreed it was but still wonder how they got here blue blue beetle told that they crash landed here in the ancient past and disconnected the stone and left them in orbit every time they saw a shooting star they thought it might have been one of the stars of the cosmos Jessica also bet they were wishing to get back to their home planet zee thinks that’s when people started wishing on stars. Hal states now they have their own space ship but flash say the only way that it will fly into space is with the 6 power units and they can’t do that without a bug happening and making another black hole. Supergirl ask if bumblebee, blue beetle,and flash can make something that will keep the black hole under control bumblebee told them they need some more help before they can make it possible but they’ll let them know when they got it ready for the ship she also discovered that they are the only ones who can enter the ship and let anyone they trust in as well. Wonder women orders every one to find space suits to return to earth, Steve intervin that the Astral Falcon is slow floating back down and that a beautiful sunset over viewing the world Diana and the others good with looking at the sunset and once they get to a breathable altitude the keep the stones with the book of eternity Steve also states it’s gonna be a long while before we see a sunset this incredible again.

The End


  • this episode and most of everything in it is a reference to sonic riders zero gravity
  • So it doesn’t confuse anyone reading this the stars of the star are also called the meteorites, rings, stones, power units, engine units, stars
  • this is the first episode to be a full half hour without being 11 minutes long